Tour overview

Lake Marathon – Monastery Agios Efraim

Just 28 km. From the center of Athens, located in the northeastern part of Attica, the region of Marathon showing great interest as it has many attractions and natural beauty. Marathon is the perfect choice to enjoy a tour of countryside, so close to town.

Named after the local hero Fennel is known for the famous battle that took place there between Athenians and Persians in 490 BC

After a little time route from the hotel, visit the dam where there is an artificial lake. The lake is spread over an area of ​​2450 acres and is among the most important wetlands in Attica because of the abundance of species hosts. By 1950 he constituted, the Athens main water source. There, we will enjoy the magnificent all-round views of the surroundings and admire the unique combination of natural landscape with human intervention.

Then we visit the Marathon Tomb which is a reference point and preserved monument for the region as wake historical memories of thousands of years: under the tomb of 9 meters and a diameter of 50 meters. identified the bones of 192 soldiers who fell in the battle against the Persians. The Athens people to honor their bravery shown in battle, set them on fire. In the tomb lies the remarkable Archaeological Museum, and visit.

We continue our tour, reaching the monastery of St. Ephraim in Nea Makri who is faithful pilgrimage place as famous for his miracles and attracts many visitors who expect to cure diseases.

During our tour we stop at one of the many beautiful taverns Marathon area to rest and try local delicacies!