Tour overview

Attica Zoological Park

In the eastern part of Attica, very close to the center of Athens at Spata, is an earthly paradise that offers a unique and life-like experience for the young and old visitors.

The Attica Zoological Park in operation since 2000, is currently the only zoological park in Greece, hosting every year hundreds of thousands of visitors of all ages from across the country. The Attica Park offers a unique journey on 5 continents, through the presence of 2,000 animals from 350 different species. Started initially as a Bird Park, having the third largest bird collection in the world, with exhibitions such as “The World of Reptiles ‘, the’ ‘Greek Fauna’, or the ‘Savannah’ and ‘Monkey Forest’, is more than a Zoo. We would say that it is a lively park is a fun space, relaxation and education for visitors and to protect and preserve space for the animals!