Tour overview


Departure from the Hotel.

First stop in Corinth Canal, a unique work that counts memories 2300 years and is of strategic importance since it connects the eastern and western Mediterranean, with thousands of boats to sail every year.

Then we get to the Ancient Corinth and will tour the archaeological sites and impressive Acrocorinth, which have much to show us as Corinth was one of the most important city-states of ancient Greece.

Next Mycenae station, the kingdom of mythical Agamemnon, first sung by Homer in his epics, the most important and richest palatial center of the Late Bronze Age in Greece.

Series has Nafplion, the first capital of the Greek State, which is dominated by two castles on the edges of the Akronafplia and Palamidi. The tour of the streets is exciting, as you admire the preserved architecture and quaint, winding alleys and the famous restaurants.

Next stop is the historic town of Epidaurus, where I visit the famous Ancient Theatre, an architectural wonder not unjustly considered the finest ancient theater in terms of acoustics and aesthetics.

Back in Athens after a hearty day in one of the most beautiful regions in Greece!