Tour overview

Meteora (2 days)

Departure from the hotel

First stop after 180km in Kamena Vourla, a coastal town that is built on the Maliakos Gulf, which is one of the largest and better resorts in central Greece.

Departure from the Kamena Vourla and arrival and stay in Kalampaka. Kalampaka is a fully organized tourist town katakleismeni from hagiography and woodcarving workshops and the most picturesque part is Kastraki, which connects with the city.

Visit Meteora the second day, one of the most famous and most photographed sights in Greece with a global reach. A true geological wonder of nature and a great admiration landscape, with their eerie stone cliffs that embrace Kalambaka. Meteora is Preserved and Protected Monument of Humanity by UNESCO and the largest monastic city of the country after Mount Athos. The mystic atmosphere that exudes the monasteries of Meteora and the tour of the paths will make you experience an unforgettable living experience life …

We return to Athens and the hotel after a hearty day, enchanted and refreshed by the experience we lived !